Junkyard Jousters

Gather your Friends, Grab your Controllers and move to the rythm of this terrific team tremble.

There is one Goal and no Floor, you and your Team don't want to end up as Junk, so grab on to everything you can get a hold of to stay up in the afloat.

You can only move to the rythm Rythm of the Music, so get into the Groove.

Use the falling Garbage to get an advantage, but be careful, since some items can cause more harm than good for you and your team.

You can share your controller with your with a friend to get more players involved, each player controlling their player with one half of a controller.


  • Up to 8 Person Multyplayer on 4 Controllers
  • Join your friends or make them your enemy in this crazy team fight.
  • Grab on to everything you can a hold of to not fall down. But be careful to not knock down your friends.
  • Garbage falling from the air.
  • Everything moves to the Rythm of the Music.
  • Special Items like the Anvil


Action in Game
Press Stick [Left/Right]
Join the Game
Move Stick [Left/Right]
Move your Character
Bumper/Trigger [Left/Right]
Hold Start/Select, Press ESC
Leave to Menu / Exit
D-Pad Right/Left
Choose Song in Menu


Main Menu:

  • Read the explanation carefully.
  • To choose a team leave the platform and go to the side you want to choose.
  • You can join the team with either side of the controller or both, this way you can share one controller.
  • You can join with as many characters as you can find controllers, but 2 - 8 is recommended.
  • The your character is assigned randomly to you, so to choose one you like you can rejoin a few times.
  • As soon as everyone has joined a team the game will start in 5 seconds.


  • The other team gets one point each time on of your team falls down into the pit.
  • To stay afloat get close to the objects and press jump to dash in the direction you point your stick at. The item you grabbed will be thrown in the inverse direction you pointed at.
  • There is trash falling from the pipes steadily and sometimes in bursts. With each burst there is the chance that an item falls.
  • The Anvil pushes you down if you get hit by it from the top, so try to escape it by grabbing onto something else or avoid it altogether.
  • You can only grab items to the beat. The small direction indicator blinks red if you try to grab but miss the beat.
  • The aura around your player indicates how far you can grab. Items start glowing in your team color if your character is close enought to grab it.
  • After the song is over the game ends and you can see the score, from here hold [Start/Select/ESC] to return to the main menu.


  • You can configure the song that is played by providing song files and  beat files in the folder your application starts from. After starting the program you should be able to select the song with the d-pad.
  • Further instructions on how to create those files will be added.



junkyard_jousters.linux64.zip 48 MB
junkyard_jousters.mac.zip 56 MB
junkyard_jousters.win64.zip 47 MB
junkyard_jousters_v1.1.win64.zip 47 MB
junkyard_jousters_v1.1.mac.zip 56 MB
junkyard_jousters_v1.1.linux64.zip 48 MB
music.wav 17 MB

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